3 broodies-yea

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8 Years
Feb 25, 2011
now have a promise of natural flock growth....have 1 fizzle who has hatched chicks twice...was given 2 broody (Old English Game hens) one came to me sitting on eggs and continued to sit within her new home surroundings....Yea...the other is being integrated into the flock - going well - made a little pen within the pen (they see her and she sees them) that has worked in the past with no trouble /in about a week I will just open the door and she will walk out and free range with everyone else.....where she will sleep is yet to be seen but I know she will return to the pen and eventually to the hen house.....(to lay eggs yea) Thank you Lord I sure have been wanting this assurance and the enjoyment of watching nature take its course....

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