3 day old Silkies and no power! Its 30 degrees out-good grief!

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    Apr 18, 2009
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    I live in a little hick town and we lost power last night around 5pm after finding out it was 4 counties wide and it was going to be awhile I freaked. My babies are only three days old and no heat. Of course we have no heat in the house either. I went out and got them and brought them inside in a 2x2 tub but a couple were already shivering. The motorhome was low on gas so the generator wouldn't run and of course every gas station for 30 miles had no power. I was calling people looking for a generator or 5 gallons of gas when it hit me. I had bought two huge boxes of hand and foot warmers this winter at Costco. I sat down with my kids and we opened up about 20 of them. Put a towel on them and put the chicks on top. Soooo funny they kept looking down like "what the?" its coming from the bottom and not the top? It took them about 30 seconds and they all flopped over like they were dead and went to sleep. Now that is a hick town solution to a little fuzzy problem! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Great idea! I'll have to remember that if that ever happens to me!!!
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    What a great idea! Glad everything worked out well for your little chickies. I might have to look for some of those myself.

    I worry about losing power at night when I'm sleeping so I bought a $20 power failure alarm. It plugs into a wall socket and emits an alarm-clock like buzz when we lose power. It saved the 30 Cornish X chicks I had in my outdoor brooder/coop last winter as it woke me up so I could start the generator. Best $20 I've spent on chickens!

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