3 hen turkeys and 1 blue slate gobbler for sale or trade!

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  1. japbantams2011

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    Apr 25, 2011
    Ok I have for sale 1 gobbler a blue slate color and 3 hen turkeys. One of the hens is a Broad Breasted Bronze she is really big and heavy already started laying. One is the color of the broad breasted bronze but she isn't the broad breasted type. And the other hen is a half bourbon red she has a chocolate color also already started laying. I would like $50 each for these. The gobbler is already strutting. I can't ship these as they are to big and heavy local pickup only!! I'm located close to leitchfield, KY. If these do not sell before the first saturday in April will be taking them to an auction. If anyone is interested in them just send me a PM may be willing to trade them for some chickens, ducks, or guienas.

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