3 laying pullets/hens 4 sale (WLH, barnevelder, BSL) Glendale, AZ

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    Dec 8, 2008
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    These three chickens would make a nice starter flock for someone who has a smaller yard and only needs enough eggs for their family. All 3 pullets lay a different color egg.

    Leghorn (Gabrielle) lays a white egg
    Barnevelder (Lacy) lays a medium brown egg
    Black Star (Amber) lays a light brown egg

    The white leghorn & barnevelder are 6-7 months old and have been laying for about 6-7 weeks now. Our black star/black sex-link is about 19 weeks old and just started laying last week. They are all hatchery stock - good layers, but not show quality.

    Amber is the one in the middle with the gold neck.


    There are more pictures of Lacy, the barnevelder here:

    The white eggs are from the leghorns - the golden brown eggs in the picture on the bottom row are the barnevelder eggs. The black sexlink eggs are not in the photo - she wasn't laying at the time of this picture - her eggs are the same tint as the barred rock eggs at the left on the bottom row.

    Our hens are healthy. We bought them as chicks from the feedstore and they have never been sick. The leghorn & black sexlink are excellent layers - 6-7 eggs per week. Our barnevelders are giving us 3-4 eggs per week (not as good a layer as the other two, but pretty eggs and pretty to look at). The three hens need to go together, so that they don't join a new flock as a lone chicken. We would like $50 for all 3 - local pick-up only.

    We live near 75th Ave & Union Hills in Glendale, AZ.

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