3 Month Old Black Marin, Male or Female?


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Nov 17, 2020
Central VA

First time chicken owner with a potential rooster in the mix. Unfortunately we are not permitted to have roosters in the city. Our crew includes two Black Marins and two Easter Eggers. All hatched approximately September 10th.

Aside from the photos and video below, here are a few other noted characteristics of Sweet Dee (perhaps now Sweet He).
  • Bigger and taller than the other Black Marin. Approximately 25 to 30% bigger.
  • Larger and thicker legs and feet.
  • Significant comb and wattle on Dee.
  • Dee is certainly the bully of the group. She chases, pecks, and herds the other three. She sometimes will decide everyone else either needs to be inside the coop or the run, and then herds the others into her chosen location.
  • I think I see sickle feathers.
  • Over the past few weeks, Dee has started to make crowing type noises. Video linked below.

If found to be a rooster, Dee will return to the farm she came from. It will be a good life regardless of where she ends up.

Link to Google Photos for the original photos . Contains a 5 second crowing video, plus a longer video of the whole flock for size comparison. https://photos.app.goo.gl/W2GbmLhBhGS7bB7H8

Side photo

Head shot

As close as I could get to a top down shot.

Roosting time. Good shot for size comparison.

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