3 month old with wry neck

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    Someone gave me their three month old Maran with wry neck. She had her on medicated crumble and poultry cell in the water everyday. It doesn't look like thats working so I figured I would try giving her vitamin e, selenium, and b vitamins. Im also desperately trying to find prednisone. I switched her over to baby parrot food mixed with flock crumble. I suppose my question is...Do chickens who are three months old have any chance of coming back from this? Is there anything else I should be doing? Thanks
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    Welcome to BYC.

    Wry neck or Crookneck is a neurological symptom of several conditions, such as a vitamin E deficiency, certain diseases( Mareks, avian lymphoid leukosis, Newcastles,) and head injury. While medicated crumble is good helping a young chick start building immunity to cocci, that is the only added ingredient in it. The Poultry Cell should contain Vitamin E and Selinium which should help if the cause of her wry neck is vitamin deficiency.

    Continue with the Poultry Cell and if you can get the Prednisone that may help. Sometimes it take a while for recovery.

    Let us know how she's doing.

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