3 year old chicken breathing hard with pale comb


10 Years
Jun 15, 2009
My chicken is slowly dying. Last week I noticed her cheek was getting pale and her breathing was getting labored. Now her face has lost all of it's color and
her wing are droopy and her breathing is getting bad. I thought in was mites so I dusted her and I have given her avia charger in her water. I don't see any mites
but what would cause the blood lose on her face? I lost a chicken in the middle of winter with the same problems. And that chicken had mites crawling on her when
she was dying. They (mites)even bit me. I've cleaned the coops and dusted everything, about 2 months ago when I lost the first chicken.

My chicken died.
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It sounds like she was infested with mites and she could be anemic because of the blood loss. I recommend that you immediately provide her with scrambled egg mixed with buttermilk to eat. Buy some poultry nutri drench at the feed store and give her 2 or 3 drops orally from the bottle and some in her water. Nutri drench is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Scrambled egg as extra protein to help rebuild her strength and buttermilk as a probiotic to help rebuild her immune system. Also, keep and eye on her poop for anything abnormal looking; green or yellow poop or both could be trouble. Check it for worms as well.
Continue with the scrambled egg/buttermilk mixture til she gets better. Stop the nutri drench drops (orally)after the second day, it can cause diarrhea, but continue in her water for 5 days, then stop and replace with freshwater. Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to one gallon of freshwater thereafter.

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