300-Minute Eggs

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    Had a little fun with some eggs today. Tried the '300-minute' recipe, put on the rack in oven set to 210 degrees for 5 hours and below are photos of the results. From the oven I put them into a bowl of cool water and then peeled them a few minutes later (very easy to peel). The air pocket is much larger than normal from baking so the eggs literally stand on end.




    After having everyone in the family taste-test them, the descriptions were words like "smokey", "nutty", "buttery", one even said it reminded them of burgundy wine.


    There were a couple left so I decided to make deviled eggs. I didn't really follow any recipe, I just tossed things together to go along with the theme of smokey/nutty flavors. The proportions (not including the egg yolks) ended up being 1 part sweet relish, 1 part Heinz 57, and 3 parts mayonnaise. Not bad.

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    That's interesting, never heard of that.

    The ultimate brown egg.

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    So were they good enough that you would do it again? Or does this get shelved to the "intresting" spot in the 'ol reciepe box? [​IMG] Does the family clamor for MORE! Or they glad Mom's momentary insanity is over and can they please have their eggs fried, scrambled or plain boiled? [​IMG] Thanks for posting the pics, they look like chocolate eggs, haha. Boy, would that ever be an Easter basket surprise!
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    I read this thread and was interested by it. I tried it myself and the eggs definitely come out different. I'm not exactly sure how I would describe the flavor but I did like it. Mine didn't turn out as brown as MicMoo's did so I'm going to cook them for 10 or 15 more minutes the next time I do them. They do peel very easily... so a big plus right there. In an hour my second batch comes out of the oven... going to do some deviled eggs for football day.

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