4-5 month old silkie cockerals (Excellent quality, new pics inside)


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Aug 26, 2007
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I have 2 silkie cockerals that I need to sell. Out of 7 chicks I ended up with 2 pullets and 5 roosters so a couple of them need to go, lol. These silkies are about as good as they get, 5 toes, massive head crests and foot feathering, combs look good, and blue ear lobes. The winning bidder will have the option to buy both of the cockerals but does not have to, then the second highest bidder will have the option to buy. I have not personally shown these silkies (I plan to this year) but the are stunning birds and will be great cockerals for any breeding flock. They are between 4 and 5 months old so they still have alot of filling out to do. If you have any more questions post or pm, I get on all the time, hehe.


(This is one of the cockerals in my, this may not be the one you will receive but they all look like him)


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Here is one of the cockerals available. He is younger than his brother (The one who is pictured) and his brother just got his "big boy" head feathers so this guy will be filling out nicely within the next couple of weeks.


Foot feathering, it has been raining cats and dogs here so his feet are a little muddy. silkies just love the rain


One of my cats being nosey during photo shoot, hehe

The other cockeral has been standing outside in the rain all day so he kinda looks like a rat with a beak, lol. I will get pictures of him when things dry out a little around here.

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