4 Cameo & Cameo White Eye Peafowl Hatching Eggs!!

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Mar 9, 2008
Hahira, GA
We are getting good numbers off our peafowl finally this year. Here are 4 out of our cameo pen. This pen has 2 pair of cameos and 1 pair of cameo white eyes in it, so yours could be either or as I have no idea who bred who, or who laid. All are cameo though, no color splits.
Sorry I dont have any STRUTTING pics of the on file, but they are very nice. I will try my best to get some posted before the auction ends for yall. There may be some more old winter ones on my website, but Cant remember.

Anyway, we always pack them the way we would want to receive eggs. Still we cant guarentee anything that goes threw the PO as we all know, there's no control over how they get handled there.
Shipping will be $12, and US only!
All our birds are NPIP and A.I. test and clean
If you are concerned about lineage, feel free to ask. I can tell you who all our birds came from, and in most cases, where those birds parents came from. All our birds were purchased from the top Peafowl breeders in the country though, great lines.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Payment by Paypal at auction close please, we want to get them to you as fresh as possible

These pics are old ones from December. They were in a community pen and had no trains at that time, but here s a few of them, obviously they are full tarined now, will try to get a pic or two new ones this week for yall

Every one keeps saying that!!

They sell new ones,

but seriously, they should be laying for a while, they just started a few weeks back for me, so if you get space and want some, just give me a shout
I have 5 bators of one sort or another on the go. Any more and I risk a TOTAL BAN by DH. However......maybe I should go candle........
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DH has become more tolerant without a doubt, even built a really nice pea and chicken coops. He has even resigned himself to the fact that we need another chicken coop. However he does blame the hike in electricity bill his year on incubators and heat lamps that run 52/52. He may be right.....
Na, They dont make too big of a difference. Saw a thread on here a while back, people were saying each 250 watt heat lamp rasied their bill $30-$50 each for each month! That's crazy talk, if that were the case my power bill for heat lamps a lone would be $180-$300, not counting 6 incubators and of course the house itself. Instead it's about $140-$180 a month depending on how hot it is.
Dont get me wrong, you'll have a little increase of course but not anything to get excited over,

my WIFE is now my delivery person too, she takes about 30 boxes of eggs and chicks to the P.O. for me every week, so you can break them in, it just takes a little time!!
I normally wait till the last min, because someone always outbids me.................. But I couldn't help myself....

But if anyone else puts in a bid.... know this........ I'll drop Jazzy off in their yard very very hungry.....


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