4 chicks~ Do I Remove the EGGS?

Should I remove the 8 non-fertilized eggs?

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Apr 10, 2020
Hello my chicken friends. My broody Orpington accepted 4 new chicks last night. We bought new chicks that are 4 days old. They took to the MamaHen quickly. It was sweet- they relaxed right away. Mama accepted them & tucked them underneath her. They all slept well overnight. 7 hours later I checked on them & all seems well.
Question: I didn’t remove the 8 eggs MamaHen is sitting on. So she has a next full of eggs + 4 chicks. DO I NEED TO REMOVE HER EGGS?
I don’t want to disturb the bonding. She is a 1st time Mom.
Please advise. Will she get up & take care of these chicks. Or keep sitting there in these eggs(which were never fertilized)
Thank YOU! 🍃Tree


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I have 2 broodies that will let newly hatched chicks starve to death before they would ever leave unhatched eggs.

I still let them hatch... I just remove all unhatched eggs.

They are great moms.

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