4 month old chick not standing


Aug 7, 2016
We just came back from a short weekend away to find one of our babies not able to stand. We had a dog sitter checking on our chicks, as well as our dog. We have 5 chickens total. 3 a year old and 2- 4 months old. The babies are to be kept in an smaller fenced off area with their food and water away from the bigger chicks ( we haven't integrated) We came home to find the babies with no food and water in their fenced off area and one of the babies not being able to stand or fly. We immediately gave them their food and water ...hoping the one will be ok. Anyone have any ideas what is going on?
Are it's legs under it or splayed? Does it seem normal in every other way of off? What does it do if you try to stand it up? My first thoughts when a young bird can't stand is Mareks.
She seems normal in every other way other than was trembling when we picked her up. When you try to stand her she will try to walk and them flaps wings and flops down.

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