5 week old GLWs--one is not looking like the other--PIC HEAVY


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Mar 24, 2012
Bardstown, KY
I have two GLW chicks that are 5 weeks old. One is developing a lot slower than the other. Do I have one boy and one girl, or could one just be a slow-grower??
Here are the pics:

Rosebud (who I think is a she)--

Gracie (or is it Graham???)--

They look about like mine - also 5 weeks. The pink in the comb and wattle makes me wonder if it could be a roo - mine also have a little pink in their combs and maybe the start of a wattle (supposed to be pullets) so I really am not sure. My darker one is definitely larger, but they feathered about the same. Pretty coloring though! Hopefully someone can give a more definite answer.

Here's mine:

Thanks Emmasmom, they are really pretty. They're pretty feisty too, especially Gracie/Graham. That, the slow feathering and that pinkish-red wattle are why I'm worried, lol.
Gonna go out on a limb here.... Btown... To me, 2 roos. Emmasmom... Pullets. You should have no wattle development at all on a pullets, just like Emma's.
Btown, both of your have red combs and wattles. Maybe some other person may know better. But my girls didn't get any wattles until they were close to three months... I am on my touchpad, otherwise I'd copy them to here, but you can find them on my page... There is an 8 week SLW on there.... No wattles. And my girls at 3 month and 6 months... Wattles only starting at 3 months...
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