5 week old Silver Laced Wyandotte gender question


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Well I sadly re homed my black jersey giant roo and so I went and got 2 five week old chicks on friday to coop up with my 9 week old buff orpington so she wouldn't be lonely. 1 is a buff orpington and 1 is a silver laced wyandotte. My son just picked up the first one he could get out of the bin and we are hoping she is not a he. This is my forst experience with chickens and I am exhausted and sad from having to deal with all the roos we have gotten and had to find homes for. We still have 1 possible roo who is 11 weeks today and he is the sweetest chicken... so far. We can't have 2 roosters so if this little one is a roo he will have to go back to the feed store asap. They guaranteed her to be a hen and said they would take her back if she turned out to be roo. Any guesses on gender so far?
Also her coloring is very dark and I am wondering if this is normal for a SLW and if anyone has any pictures of their SLW looking like this as a chick and what they look like now. I tried to find a SLW thread on the "Breed" Index to see if there was a group posting pictures and discussing the breed, but no such luck




She does have the 'correct' kind of comb and my guess would be a pullet (girl) at this point. I'm sorry that you've not had much luck with your first experience.

I hope I am right! Wait a few weeks and post pictures again.. might have a better idea then.
nooooooooooo ughhhhhhhhh So ... do you think in another 2 weeks I will be able to tell for sure. I just can't get attached again and re home "him" or take him back to the feed store, it's just heart breaking and I can't have 2 roosters. WHY does this keep happening???

I just can't seem to come home without a rooster and it's so frustrating.

I hope she is not a roo
I'd vote Pullet for now, both of my girls had combs that size at 3weeks but they really never much larger, at about 8-10 weeks you'll have a better idea, but for now, I'm seeing nothing that says roo.


Looks very similar to yours right now, and at 11 weeks you can see the combs are about the same, so don't give up yet!

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