50-75% Black/Lavender Split English Orpington Cockerels, hatched 8/18

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    Apr 18, 2012
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    Four black/lavender split Orpington cockerels hatched August 18 available. NPIP certified farm. Vaccinated against Marek's disease. Came from a breeding pen with two huge, beautiful black English Orpington roosters and four large lavender hens with stocky, round body type. Very nice boys that would be an asset to your lavender Orpington breeding program. Price is $5 each, plus cost of mandatory overnight shipping and shipping box.

    Discount for multiples. FREE if picked up locally!!

    I will only ship if the weather is appropriate, even though the boys are acclimated to temps down to the teens for part of the day. PM me for more information. Thank you.
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