6++(15 collected so far) LF Lavender Wheaten Ameraucana Project Eggs

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Aug 31, 2008
Binghamton, NY
My incubator is full and my project is in full swing. I have been working on creating Lavender Wheaten Ameraucana's for almost 2 years. You can see all my breeding notes, stock and progress pictures on my Lav Shack BYC page Ultimately I need a project buddy, so I am offering this one batch of eggs to someone who wants to work with me. These eggs are from my F2's which is a split lavender wheaten cross (both rooster and hens are only caring one copy of the lavender and one copy of the wheaten gene). The parents of these eggs look like a brown red ameraucana. The results of this crossing statistically will result in 56% black, 19% wheaten, 19% lavender, 6% lavender wheaten, which is 1/17 odds. I have done a couple small test hatches and I have hatched black, lavender and wheaten but yet to hatch a lavender wheaten. I have a large batch in the incubator right now, so fingers crossed. The eggs are a shade green and through selective breeding I hope that the next generation will be much bluer. This is the only batch I am offering.

Here is a link to a British fowl that may be a lavender wheaten . The color is slightly off but it gives you a rough idea of what a rooster should look like. Here is another from a british fowl site of pullet wing coloration and a british araucana with the lavender wheaten coloration.

Now on to what I have done. Here are the parents of the original cross.
This is the wheaten roo I used. I bought him from Jean (pips&peeps).

Here is one of the pullets I used from Harry (Shaffer), the other looks the same.

Here are two of them together...plus a couple nosey wheaten pullets.

Here is the next generation F2's the parents of these eggs. Remember they are split for both the lavender and the wheaten genes.



Older roo in back, younger F2's in front

Egg coloration on official Ameraucana Breeders Club egg chart. They vary in the C and D range....mostly D range. Egg is one that is currently collected for this auction.

Lavender and Black Ameraucana hatched from last F2 cross test hatch....along with some Bl/splash Marans


Eggs will be collected from last Saturday- this Saturday and will be shipped Monday so I will send as many as they lay...I currently have 6, so it more like a dozen +. Not responsible for postal abuse Eggs will be carefully packaged in bubble wrap and nestled in lots of additional packaging. They will be sent priority mail (a flat rate box) with a tracking number.

Happy bidding!
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Karen, I just love this project! I think you are on to something to try and strive for Lavender Wheaten Ameraucanas! I will gladly help you.

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