6 duck and not sure why they are not coming out of coop. Help!!


Mar 31, 2020
Hi! I have 6 ducks. 3 mallards and 3 pekings. They are so much fun to watch. They are 10 weeks old and we made a huge dog cage our duck coop. We are still working on it. Normally, I go out in the mornings to let my ducks out and they start quacking because they want to be fed. This morning the said nothing. They were starring at a wall. I opened the door and normally they come waddling out. Today I had to shoot them out and it took them a few times before I got them out. We have placed predator wiring on the bottom and wood fencing on the top. Today they would not go in their house. Normally, they go right in. Then they starred at the same wall. I am very concerned. What do I do? I am thinking about putting an electric fence. Any advice. We have not put the dig guard on the outside of the coop. We still need to do that.

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