6+ EE hatching eggs! $15 (includes shipping) BEAUTIFUL VARIETY *IL*

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    6 EE hatching eggs, $15 includes shipping. Blue and Green Eggs. I have 3 bearded hens, 1 non bearded. Then I have 1 RIR/EE mix in with them. She lays brown eggs, so you can choose if you want her eggs extra too, or I can easily take them out and give you full EE. Colors can be everything and anything.

    Rooster: White, Brown, Black, Orange
    Hen: Black-Orange Laced
    Hen: Black and White
    Hen: Grey/White/Blue
    Hen: Brown-Blue Laced
    RIR/EE Hen: Red/Brown Black tips

    I've had 100% fertility rate

    Entire Flock:Single combed red hen is the mix.

    This is the rooster's close-up

    Some of the Flock again
    As you can see one is clearly blue, one is brown and one is green. The brown is one of my Brahma eggs, and only for comparision.

    You will receive GREEN and BLUE eggs only, unless you would like me to add a few brown eggs which will be 3/4 EE X 1/4 RIR. I would like to add that the RIR/EE mix is my absolute favorite chicken, and my pet.

    Sorry they look scruffy. It was really muddy, and they are currently recovering from running free with too many roosters, so their feathers are still a little poofy on their backs. I currently can only ship 6 at a time, because I recently moved them to a new coop and their laying slowed down a bit for a while.

    Feel free to PM if interested. I have some of their eggs in the incubator right now. So when they hatch I will post some pictures.

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