6 months & now, EGGS!!!

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  1. My flock is now 26 months old, [​IMG]& have gone on an EGG LAYING STRIKE!!! [​IMG]Nary one teenie tiny egg in almost 2 weeks!! Almost as if someone has flipped a shutoff switch! [​IMG]This is deplorable (on my part) & even my roo sounds like he has a sore throat.[​IMG] My hens & the roo have been losing feathers all summer, & the bare spots show up VERY RED flesh color.[​IMG] We are located in the Mohave desert area. The weather is slowly changing to the cool part, but has not been drastic. I have dusted for mites, made sure the coop is clean, & everything else I can think of. Locals are telling me "it's the weather" but I tend to discount this answer. They even went through a period where the eggs were not staying firm in the skillet, but this has since passed. [​IMG]Any ideas or help out here???[​IMG]
  2. The pervious post SHOULD READ- 26 months & NO EGGS!!
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  4. Thanks for your reply. I'll google "chicken molt" & see if I can find anything. Have a good day. (or what's left of it).
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