7 day old chick, lost use of leg, swollen vent

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    May 31, 2009
    I have a 7 say old Ameraucana, who can't use it's right leg. Yesterday, it was a barely noticeable limp and a little more pronounced this morning. By the time I got home again, the chick couldn't walk. He/she accumulated some poop on the vent in the past 24 hrs, so we washed that off to find a swollen vent. Not sure if the poopy butt was because of the limp leg or if the poopy butt caused the limp leg.
    The chick is very alert, but tired from trying to keep up with the other chicks. He/she eats when placed next to the feed, and drinks heartily from the eyedropper.
    The leg is flexible, not stiff, but I am unable to tell if there is something wrong with the hip.
    I'm feeding Manna medicated starter, and I am adding Sulmet and electrolytes to the water. I figure it can't hurt?
    At first I thought it was Marek's, but the chick is way too young to show symptoms.
    Thank you for any advice.
    ps- I also noticed that the other leg shivers/is palsied when I pick the chick up. Is the chick in pain? I'd hate to think I was letting it suffer.
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