7 dust question? And Silkie question?

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11 Years
Dec 2, 2008
Has anyone tried mixing the powdered 7 dust with water in a bucket and then putting the chicken in the bucket for a bit and let them soak?
I have never done this but i am wondering if it would even work?

What I usually do to dust my birds is go in at dusk and pick each one up and dust them. And then i dust the whole coop to. I do this about once a month.

What is the best way to get rid of lice on my silkies? None of my other birds have lice or mites because i regularly dust everyone and everywhere. I checked my other birds and I couldn't find even one lice egg or live lice on any other birds except for the silkies. I am worried because the lice laid the eggs right under the chickens beak in large clumps? How do I get rid of them there without hurting them? Is there some special way of dusting silkies or something? Im somewhat new to having them and I had assumed they were to be dusted like any other chicken but now I think I was wrong....any help would be appreciated!
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I think that would probably be okay as long as the dust 7 doesnt get into the chicken's face, and them rinse them off afterwards and dry them. I've never tried this, but I don't see why it wouldnt work. I only have one silkie, and he's never had lice, so I'm not sure. He had some mites once, and I just got some sort of liquid medicine from the feed store and put it under his wings, worked great. I can't remember what it was though!!! Ug, I'll tell you if I remember. Can you ask someone at your local feedstore? They should know about the medicines and ointments they have in stock.
The people at our feed stores dont really know alot about poultry and i dont think they would know what to use on them...what type of medicine did you give the silkie? description of it if you cant remember what it was?
I have a friend who has three silkies. THey fought lice and mites with seven constantly. Finally I gave them some ivomec pour on and told them to put in under the wings so it would soak in the skin and not the fluff and they have happily been bug free for quite some months now. I don't know why the seven did not work for them....but the ivomec pour on finally did.
I let the chickens dust themselves . I mix sand, DE, dirt, and poultry dust together, put it in a litter pan or baby bath tub and let them go at it whenever they want.
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