May 3, 2022
I have a GL Wyandotte in question. She has always been bigger than her other Gold Laced sisters and developed feathers and wattles/comb quicker than the others.
I know that this is usually a sure sign of a roo, but I've also seen a couple on here that turned out to be hens. I noticed this morning that she's developing some green feathers, although this could also be the beetle affect in the black of her feathers (or maybe I'm just optimistic). I haven't noticed any saddle feathers developing though.
Is she just a quick maturing hen or could this really be a roo? In the background of the photos you can see some other GLW that are the same age as the one in question.
Chicken 3.jpg
Chicken 1.jpg
Chicken 2.jpg
I have a 4 week old Silver Laced Wyandotte... I am suspicious that this one is a roosters? Do you guys agree??



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