8 week old PR roo doesn't get along with my Silkies...

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    My 8 week old Production Red roo doesn't like my Silkies. He is extremely sweet and loves his 4 big girls but runs all over the Silkies. Part of it is because three of them are males too but he is the same way towards the females so I'm not so sure that's really a factor. I may be over thinking this but I really don't want him to be too rough with them later on so is it worth keeping him? Or should I try to sell him to someone who only has standards? (because he really is sweet to me and the girls his size, just not to those smaller than him) Building a second coop for the Silkies is not an option at this point so I don't know what else to do. [​IMG]
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    It sounds like you have a lot of roos, so there's going to be tension unless you've got a whole lot more hens to go around (like 8-10 per roo). The older they get, the more the horomones will start to kick in, and the fighting could get quite ugly.

    While I know that you can mix LF and bantams, you may need to separate them here (or get rid of a few roos) because once their sizes really start to differ, the aggression from the LF could result in serious injuries for your banties.
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    Well see, we are getting rid of all but one silkie roo and getting several new silkies (if they turn out to be roos, they will be sold). But I'm trying to get a separate smaller pen built for my one silkie roo and a girl or two so the LF roo will be left with 5-8 girls(depending on how the silkies turn out).

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