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    I hadn't even considered that since I don't know what hens she has LOL She has both a turken roo and an EE roo. She did hatch one of the eggs to see and she did get a naked neck, so it's possible to get one from the eggs. She shared a pic of it and looking, it does look like an EE in the background. Oh man what fun that would be!

    My incubator arrived today too and so far so good. It looks like they forgot the candler and the separate thermometer/hygrometer so hopefully it won't take them too long to get those shipped out to me. Either way, they aren't going to stop me from hatching :)

    Question, I put some water in the incubator since the built in hygrometer was reading a little low. It's now boosted into the hatching range. It'll dissipate on its own, yes? Thanks!
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    I never ever go by what the incubator readings say. Never. Anyone else?

    Ipyrbby~I like to incubate in a low range, low 30's to mid 30's for humidity. Temp is the most important thing right now. Not sure what bator you got, if it's a hova by chance, like the 1588..you shouldn't have to worry about the temp..they are pretty good at keeping it where it should be if you have it set for chicken eggs.
    A bator without the fan..they say 101, but I keep mine at 100..but I know my thermometer..I know what feels best when handling the eggs..and keep the temp there, has worked for me with the fan free bators.
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    I got the IncuView :) I just set it up to go ahead and get a feel for it and since I'll have to wait on the hygrometer to get here, I thought I'd ask about the humidity. So far, the temps are holding well and the turner seems to be working too.
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    This is my first time, so i'm a Hal virgin, so glad I caught this, my 2nd hatch is due to pip in 2 to 3 days so my incubator will be open, I've been hatching my blrw fertile eggs, about 10 at a time with fair result. I have 9 to set for the Hal. Which I've promised myself would be the last time until spring. You can't really brood that many chickens in ur basement!!!!!
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    LOL..welcome to hatching!

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    You would be amazed how many chicks you can brood in your basement!

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    I always keep an additional thermometer and a thermo/hygrometer combo in my main incubators and hatcher. I got this one at Wal-mart for under $10 and they've thus far been very accurate. Since yours didn't arrive yet, maybe something like this could be kept around as a backup and get you by till yours comes?
    (I had the top off while setting this batch of eggs, so the humidity is reading a bit low in the pic.)
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    That is also where I picked up my second one
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    I'll take a look and see what I can find :) I'm sure my husband can make use of a spare somehow LOL
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