9 month old hen has only laid 8 eggs.


Nov 30, 2015
We have 8 hens all about 9 months old. We've had them since babies. We have 2 sexlinks. 1 laid well during summer and not much the last few weeks. The other was off and on during summer, never regular and hasn't laid an egg since Aug. They are all very healthy and spoiled. I'm unsure if it's the breed that's the issue or something else since the darker SL lays sporadic but the gold one doesn't lay at all. She was sick at 2 days old for about 4 days. I medicated them when another got sick and haven't had any other health issues. They aren't molting. Does anyone have any idea why they aren't laying? Could the previous illness have anything to do with it or just this breed? We have 2 RIRs, 2 Wyandottes, a P. Rock and a Australorp that lay daily.
Thank you
Lots of things can cause it stress, different food, not enough calcium or protein, the shorter days, and parasites. Those are just off the top of my head. Plus large fowl breeds sometimes take longer to start laying. I am sure more people will respond that have even more knowledge than i do and will know what you should do or look for.
Are you sure they aren't molting? A 9 month old molt you have to look really hard for. Usually you will notice feathers at the neck thinning some, or losing tail feathers. The days are short right now, so laying is not going to be at it's peak. Once the days start getting longer, it will start picking up again. Each bird is an individual, and their laying is as well.

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