9 wk old pullets - is one poo with some red always cocci or...


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Today and yesterday morning I found one piece of poop in the coop that had some red. Just two 9 week old pullets in there.

They are getting unmedicated chick starter and show no signs of illness. They are eating and drinking well, very energetic, eyes and nose look fine, no wounds.

Should I automatically assume this is cocci and treat with Corid, or should I wait and see if something develops?

Thank you.
That was my first thought, too. If they were adults that's what I would have assumed it was, but will a 9 week old be old enough to shed intestinal matter? This is the first time I've raised chicks.

I really don't know how the two would look different.
mine shed intestinal lining at that age. however if your certain its blood then it could be coccidosis. treat with CORID. corid will kill all 9 strains of cocci while other meds will only kill SOME strains of it. you can pick up the corid at the feed store. not all cases of cocci involve bloody stool. other symptoms would include eyes shut very tired ruffled feathers lethargic off feed ect. but blood could be also a first sign.this may sound gross but usually with linning its kind of stringy and you can actually pull the piece out of the poo. blood looks different. linning that I've had is more of a pinkish color and shed in pieces. you can actually remove the piece. I would look at the stool under a bright light and you should be able to Tell the difference. if it is blood treat with corid. please keep us posted.is it possible to post a picture of the poo then we can help tell if its linning or blood?

That's good to know that young ones can shed intestinal lining! Your description was very helpful, thank you. Based on that I'm quite sure it was not blood. The little ladies act and look perfectly healthy, so I feel confident all is well. I'm relieved!
It's great having people willing to share their experience. Thank you very much!

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