95% female, did I get 3 males?


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Mar 30, 2013
Clinton ct
Im a newb, and bought 5 chicks at chick day 3 weeks ago. Of the 5, 3 seem boyish... Ugh! Can I get a bit of help? I will post all 5, and my 6th which is my silkie and too young to sex. The first 3 photos are my biggest concern.

Black Sex link, may be an Ostridge! VERY manly!

#1 Barred Plymouth Rock. Starts a lot of scuffels!

#2 Barred rock. Smaller body then the first one. Submissive mostly


RIR, sweet. My fav. Has a comb, but I think they are supposed to.

Blue Silkie. FAV!!!

Your black sex, link, if it is a sex link, has to be female. Males are barred.
They all look like females to me. The barred birds are darker, classic female sign.
Granted, it's early. Repost in 4ish weeks for a double check.
Thanks, thats good to hear. I had an opinion on the Barred Rock thread that both BR's may be boys. The BSL & first BR do this sparing thing. Its pretty common now. They fly at each other and bump chests. It is mostly those two, might be playing... Will repost in a week or two. Thanks
All chicks act like that. They'll flare hackles, charge, peck, fly at each other feet-first, jump on backs, and then snuggle up together to sleep. Unless there are injuries, it's all in good fun. It's also how they develop their adult pecking order skills.

None of your chicks look masculine yet. Several have single combs which have a way of growing darker and larger around 4-7 weeks if they are male. The EE will likely make herself obvious by patterning as soon as she's fully feathered. The only one that may keep you guessing is the silkie.
Awe, sweet chicks *v*, I agree, wait a few weeks...

I have 12, 7-8 week olds, 7 were purchased as pullets. So far I have 2 out of the straight runs are obviously Roo's bright red combs & a good morning cock-a-doodle doo. I'm still a newb also, this is my 3rd year & batch of chicks. My first signs of Rooster seem to be that the combs redden sooner than the pullets and of coarse they start making a scratchy little crow... Mine are all considered girls until they speak those 4 chicken words ;-)))) Enjoy your chicks!

Haha! You guys are great! Im glad its just play. I was concerned because they joust like that a few times, then both pause and stare at each other. I thought it was smack talk till one backs down. lol!
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