A BEE thread....for those interested in beekeeping.

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Beekissed, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Beekissed

    Beekissed True BYC Addict

    As requested, here is a bee thread for us newbies that want to discuss methods, pros and cons, getting started, etc.

    Post on! [​IMG]
  2. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    I'm interested...i'll be watching this thread. [​IMG]
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  3. Partyfowl

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    Oct 10, 2009
    Pacific Northwest
    OH,,,, Im in!!

    I was just thinking today 'how do I start bees'?
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  4. SillyChicken

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    Jan 12, 2010
    me too!
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  5. Damummis

    Damummis Chickenista

    Apr 29, 2009
    Dh mentioned getting bees for the farm. My ONLY concern is getting stung. Every time I get stung the reaction is worse. So I have the usual "getting stung" questions and concerns.
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  6. mylittlezoo

    mylittlezoo Poppy Creek Farm

    Mar 16, 2009
    I just borrowed a book from a friend called "The backyard beekeeper".... I'm trying to learn! Can anyone tell me how time consuming this is? I would LOVE some bees, but I kinda have a full plate right now. I'm sure I can fit them in though.... [​IMG]
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  7. Rusty Hills Farm

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    Apr 3, 2008
    Up at the barn
    Quote:I kept bees years ago and I, too, worried about getting reactions to being stung. Then I did a stupid thing and opened a hive in very cold weather while wearing a bright blue jacket. The whole hive swarmed me. I had stings up and down my legs. The jacket protected my arms and chest, but afterward there were so many stingers stuck in it that I could scrape them off with a knife! I was sore for a couple of weeks. However, I never again had any reaction to being stung. I've read that once you have multiple stings at a time, your system builds an immunity and you are not bothered by the venom anymore. This did seem to be the case for me. Hopefully, it will be the same for you.

    I haven't had a hive in about 15 years, but I am thinking about building some new equipment and starting up again. Thinking about it but not quite ready to commit the resources yet, so I'll be following along to see what new things I can learn here. I AM a trifle "rusty" after all. [​IMG]


    edited to add:
    Can anyone tell me how time consuming this is?

    I had 3 hives and spent maybe 30 minutes a week for the routine stuff. Maybe twice a year I had supers to extract and then I probably spent an hour or 2. It was not time-consuming at all.​
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  8. Damummis

    Damummis Chickenista

    Apr 29, 2009
    Build up immunity OR kill you. [​IMG]

    Hey, like the ol' timers say, "If it doesn't kill ya, it'll make ya stronger, ayup."
  9. Southern Bee Lady

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    Jan 2, 2009
    Upstate SC
    I have been keeping bees for 6 years. I started out with 4 hives the first year.
    It is a little late in the year but a lot of bee clubs offer beginners classes in Jan-Mar.
    Try to find a local club and attend the meetings. You will find beekeepers are usually
    very helpful to newbees. Find a mentor if possible.
    Always remember 2 things: Ask 10 beekeepers a question and you will get 15 answers.[​IMG]
    (And all 15 answers may be right. What works for one person may not work for another.)
    Just when you think you know something about the bees they will show you that you do not.

    Beekeeping is a constant learning process. That is one of the things I enjoy.
    If you learn the basics, that is the most important first step. A good book that our club and state
    uses for the beginner classes is "First Lessons in Beekeeping by Keith Delaplane" I also love
    "The Backyard Beekeeper by Kim Flottum" and "Beekeeping for Dummies".
    All should be available at Amazon.com.
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  10. sekinkead

    sekinkead Chillin' With My Peeps

    Oct 12, 2009
    Central Ohio
    My dad kept bees for years and years and I remember helping out with the extracting and getting stung many times when I would get too close trying to watch. He would go and capture swarms as well and that was always exciting. I so wish my mom hadn't gotten rid of his beekeeping stuff after he died. Now I want to start with some bees as well.

    Beekissed, how did you get started with them?

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