A brooder, several eaters, no laying

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    I have five chickens, 3 Dominiques and 2 Buff Cochins, about 18 months old. Right now, one of the Cochins is broody, and has been for at least a month. She stills lays, but is the only one. The others have not been laying for the past month. I also have several egg eaters. I think the brooder is one of them, but I have others. I took some advice from BYC and put eggs filled with mustard in 2 of the 3 boxes (the brooder is taking up the 3rd), trying to break them of their eating habit. Both the mustard eggs were eaten! Any suggestions? They seem healthy otherwise.
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    Generally egg eating is because of a protein deficiency or from boredom. Switch to a higher protein feed, add in some higher protein treats like scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, and canned fish, put fake ceramic eggs in your nests to make curious pecking unsuccessful, and collect eggs often.
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    Yeah, the mustard thing rarely works makes a mess tho, eh?
    Broodies don't lay.
    Are you positive who is laying and who is not?
    Are you finding 'wet messes' from eaten egg remains and how long has that been going on??

    Breaking the broody would be first on my list...if she is in fact broody.
    Non-layers are probably molting at that age this time of year.

    More info would help.
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