a broody's pateince and hatching rates


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Jun 10, 2009
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My BA hen is broody and has been for a while. The problem is she has eggs that are on day three to day ten. My question is how long will a broody hen sit on her eggs before she gives up? Another question- out of say, 4 fertile eggs how many can I expect to succesfully hatch and grow up?
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How long she'll sit is dependant on the hen - my Silkies will sit until the end of time but other broodies give up after 3-4 weeks. If it's a first-time broody, I usually try to give them eggs as soon as I'm sure they're truly broody.

I'd say the hatch rate is as good or better than an incubator (if she does her job right) because an incubator can only mimic a broody hen. But even under ideal conditions, you never get 100% hatch rate.
Well she is a first time broody, I'll tell you about her personality. She is sweet and shy but if a hen that is "below" her trys to get in the nestbox with her, all hell breaks loose on the poor girls head. She is very tame and trusts me enough to let me take the eggs from under her without pecking me. She does make chuckling noised while I take them though. Can you tell me anything about how long she will sit on her eggs from that info? Thanks.

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