A century of Turkey talk 2000-2100.


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Jul 11, 2014
Orrock township, Minnesota
Wb Memphis. I am not a desert person either. Interesting to sight see but not my cup of tea as a place to live.

I cannot figure out whey you do not have eggs yet. I planted 14 eggs yesterday and have about 3 dozen in the incubator. So far nothing has developed.

I have a minor error too. It appears I have the wrong date on one batch of eggs. Hopefully, I will have developed my candling skills to the point I can figure out which one hatches on which date.

I hatch on Thursday evenings, so on Tuesday I should be able to tell the difference, if they develop.


May 16, 2015
Really like working close to the house drives me crazy when I can't mess with the birds. I'm hearing vague whispering that I might have to go to Oklahoma in two months. Grrrrrrrrrr


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Aug 6, 2012
Well my chickens are all back to laying. Little darlings. Even my 7 year old SS pushed out an egg today. What a girl!

No turkey eggs. However, they had some type of minor scuffle. Both hens have some bite marks on their heads & waddles & they are eyeballing each other. Not sure whats going on...hormones maybe?

Ralphie, Scottsdale AZ was gorgeous. However Phoenix & Mesa seem to be just a big pile of rocks. Don't mean to be cracking on the desert, just not used to that landscape.


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Feb 24, 2013
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I don't try to candle anymore, can't see in the dark brown or blue eggs.
The new high lumen lights make it possible to see inside the dark brown and the blue eggs. I got an UltraFire WF-502B that is listed at 1000 lumens several years ago and it does very well for me when the battery is fully charged. They are now advertising lights as high as 10,000 lumens.


Jul 25, 2015
Northern Washington coast
Welcome back Memphis! I'm sure your girls are happy to see you :)

Ralph - are you hoping these ones hatch, or are these turkey eggs the ones from "forbidden romance" before you had everyone in breeding pens?

JR - I feel your pain.... it's too darned wet here as well. I wish it would quit raining....the birds are tired of it too!

Aurora - more poult pics please? I'm thinking a broody Queenie would be like a broody Coco was :oops:

Well I've managed to deter Big Bird from being broody for the moment, so she quit laying to get even lol. She managed to spread it to my buff Orpington before she gave up though. So now I have a broody buff to deal with :rolleyes:


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Feb 6, 2013
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poults in a chick chair. The little guy just won't keep his legs under him, so I'm giving the orthopedic device a try. Because even though I want to, I can't wander around holding a poult all day.

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