A FANTASTIC mishap/faceplant/accident in the nesting boxes!!!


11 Years
Mar 10, 2011
LOL! Ok, so this was just TOOO funny NOT to share.
I was literally JUST outside after I heard a couple chickens singing their songs and I saw them in the nesting boxes 10 or so minutes ago so I figured they were done. Mumford, our BR and Echo our BA were in neighboring nest boxes (big palstic totes filled with straw). I go down and they are still sitting so taking the puppy with me, I decided to stay outside and wait for their eggs while the dogs played and the puppy went potty. I go back to the coop a while later and my head fits into the door just next to the boxes. Mumford stands and her feathers part, she is ready to push it out! She pushes and pushes and turns and turns in the nest, it's close, she can feel it! She pushes and her body tenses up, she is REALLY pushing here....as she does, she is inching closer to the edge of the nest, Echo is now standing and she is ready to drop, both butts facing me. ALL of the sudden Mumford gives one last BIG push and falls forward, taking a faceplant into Echo's butt and falling into the nest under her and Echo's egg falls out landing on Mumford's head as Echo was pushed into the third nesting box infront of her! LOL! IT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING IN CHICKENHOOD I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!
THEN, 5 minutes later, after I collect the eggs, thank them and carry the puppy upstairs I hear a BIG ruckus...Mumford and Echo are out of the coop, next to the big water pool for them doing an egg song sound off/yelling at eachother thing. I had to go down and calm them down! Bahahahaha!!! I think Echo was a little ticked at Mumford for messing up her day of lay! LOL
This is another day where Mumford decided to "HELP" Cricket lay her egg after she had already laid hers!!! Showing the 2 boxes they were in...Mums big Ol' BR butt! Mumford was in the black and Echo in the green.

My Silly Mumford!

The 3 amigos, Mumford and Echo in the middle a while ago before they were ready to lay and Cricket in the back

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