Oct 13, 2019
Longmont, CO
My coop renovations are underway - I’m adding a hardware cloth apron around the bottom of the run, and adding hardware cloth over top of the chicken wire. This summer I’ll put a real roof, but for now I’m just going to use a see-through tarp over top and be sure to keep an eye on snow load. The picture makes it hard to tell, but the top is slanted down a bit at least.

I have a couple newbie questions - do I need to do anything to the dirt in the run or anything else to the run to prepare it for chickens? The chicks are a month old today and will be in our heated workshop for a while longer, but in a few weeks I’d like to let them out in the run to play during the day when it’s warm enough. (I’m in Colorado).

As far as preparing the coop itself - what bedding would you use in a coop like this? I am thinking the deep litter method is off the table just based on the way it’s set up...
What kind of waterer would you put in here? I’m thinking during the really cold months I may as well just bring the water inside at night so it doesn’t freeze if they will just be roosting and not drinking anyways.
Also, someone told me I should spray permethrin inside to kill any mites and such. I bought some to do that but am wondering the process? I assume I dilute it in water in a spray bottle or something? Anything else I need to do? I know ventilation is sparse. I plan to add more, just working out the details now. Was going to hire someone to do all this, but decided I’d learn a lot doing it myself.

Thanks all!

Frog Bog

Oct 22, 2019
More ventilation is a must.

Don't put the water inside. Always leave water outside unless the snow is too deep. Moisture in the coop causes frostbite.

The run is fine. Free range when you can.

Pine shavings for bedding.

DOn't spray anything in the coop. It's winter, no bugs to worry about. Mites can be treated if there is a problem.

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