A funny story i wrote a LONG time ago!

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    Chapter One

    “Lights, camera, action!” the director yelled.
    “Oh, Ned,”
    “Cut! Ok we really need to work on this. Ok peoples we only have two more weeks to get this strate, so will you please work with me on this!”
    “We’ll try Mr. Brown,” One of the actresses whispered.
    “No, I want you to do more than just try. I want you to get it right!” Mr. Brown screamed.
    “I’m trying, my best Mr. Brown. You don’t know how hard it is. Cooped up here, studying hour after hour!”
    “Oh come now Miss Lacy, I can’t help it if people are so dumb, I mean if people are so, so,”
    “So good quality,” She sniffled.
    “Uh, I wouldn’t exactly say it that way but, um, ya good quality. Ok that’s enough for today! By,”
    “Uh, Mr. Brown,” Clara said.
    “Ah, Clara you could scare a Grizzly bear,”
    “Never mind what can I help you with?” He asked.
    “You remember, the detective assignment?”
    “Oh ya, guess where you’re going?”
    “No” He said with a smile.
    “Then where?” Clara asked getting a little annoyed.
    “Hu, Europe!”
    “Yep, your going tommaro,”
    “Tommaro, you didn’t give me time to pack!”
    “Listen you going there to be a detective, not to be Audrey Hepburn”
    “Oh, that’s right, see you tommaro Mr. Brown,”

    Chapter Two

    Clara looked put the window, the plane hadn’t taken off yet. But she was still very frightened. “All right ladies and gentlemen please fasten your seat belts,” a voice said. Clara strapped in with shakey hands, she had flown before, why was she so scared now? She asked herself.
    “Hey, this your first time flying?” Someone asked. Clara turned her head slowly, “No,” she managed to say.
    Oh, this is my first time, so can you give me a couple of pointers?”
    “Pointers?” Clara asked shakily.
    “Ya, you know, like what to expect,”
    “Oh, well first the airplane takes off, very steeply. Then when it reaches the right hight it gets level again. But when you land you have to chew gum,”
    “Why?” The girl asked.
    “Because, your ears pop,”
    “Oh, what’s your name, my name is Jordan, you can call me Jo for short. How old are you?”
    “Your very random aren’t you, well never mind my name is Clara Cook, and I’m 14 years old,”
    “Oh, I’m 14 too,” she smiled.

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