A hose fight with a squirrel, helped along by my loyal chicken minions

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May 29, 2010
So I have always known that there are about 5 or so squirrels that come by now and now and take some of the chicken’s food. It didn't occur that much and they didn't cause a nuisance so I’ve left it more or less alone. But in the last week or so I have noticed my egg production has gone down: A LOT. When I say I lot I mean imp only getting about 2 or 3 eggs.

This afternoon all was revealed. I went outside just in time to see one of the fatter squirrels clumsily rolling an egg away. Three of my good and loyal chickens surrounded the squirrel and started pecking furiously at it. I could practically see them thinking, "Ah! Defend the coop! Attack the squirrel!" It was hilarious. Then I ran over too and the squirrel managed to run away through the fence, still holding that egg. It ducked underneath the deck in our backyard and out of sight

So of course I go squat near the deck and squint under there to see the squirrel. Here it comes. I SAW THE SQUIRREL BREAK THE EGG AND START LICKING THE INSIDES. I shouted and sort of poked a stick inside, but the squirrel wouldn't come out. I retreated from the sight of battle and ran inside to get a flashlight. Shining underneath the deck, I saw broken egg shells strewn all over the place. I had discovered the squirrel's secret hide-out and treasure storing place!

Now I went to go get the hose from the garden. I set it on Jet, and furiously sprayed under the deck. The squirrel raced out of there. The next 10 minutes sure were a sight to see. There was me, yelling spraying wildly at the squirrel, there was the squirrel making these frantic weird squirrel noises, and there was my family staring at me through the sliding-glass door. Of course, the squirrel eventually escaped, but not before getting sprayed by me quite a few times.
*Whew!* Even typing this story makes me get excited! Well, to make a long story short, now I know what’s causing the egg shortage. Advice on what to do about this pesky squirrel?
p.s. Meeting me did not diminish the squirrels’ bravery at all. I see it now as I’m typing, sitting there on the rock and looking so bold as it nibbles on a pellet of my chickens feed.
Funny image.

Maybe blow out some eggs and fill with something squirrels don't like.

OMG, I'm rolling on the floor laughing.

You could try putting fake eggs in the nest boxes and see if that doesn't deter them.

Or you could buy a trap. I've seen humane traps by Have a Heart that work really well. Maybe just trapping him and letting him freak out in there and then releasing him, you'd freak him out enough to move on. Or relocate it or kill it. But you need to do something to break the habit cuz they will teach that behavior to others and you'll never get any eggs.
that's hilarious! try actually maybe some of that bitter apple stuff they use for dogs? spray it on the bedding in the nest box so all the eggs will get rolled in it and it won't smell good to the squirrel and maybe he'll stop stealing you eggs! (or maybe he's trying to become the next easter bunny and is stocking up for next spring
HAHAHA that's a great story!

In all honesty as far as "humane" traps go and the "bravery" of the darned squirrel, I would opt to destroying the sucker if it still had the balls to go back and steal more eggs... I figure once an animal like that gets the taste of fresh eggs then it will not stop at anything and IF you ever decided to hatch out some eggs OR have one of your hens hatch them for you then what is to stop this squirrel from stealing and killing the babies chickies??? To me that is simply unacceptable. I would inject rat poison into an egg and let it take it.

Perhaps I am a mean person but hey... that's a ballsy squirrel. Aaaand come to think of it... I type this while ticked off for your eggs (putting myself in your shoes)
but if faced with the actual situation.. say I caught the squirrel alive, I would probably end up driving really far away and releasing him there. OR I would find a way to lock him inside my chicken coop so the chickens could further peck the heck out of him and then when the squirrel is scared enough then maybe let him out or run him out with a stick.

but darn awesome story

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