A nice place for the coop?

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Dec 16, 2011
Can i post pictures of the place my coop will be and then maybe you guys can give me any tips on what to build? this is my first time and i am the only one in the family that knows anything about what a chicken needs as far as coop goesso i need to somehow explain it to my dad so we can build it.
Look forwartd to seeing your selected locations. I put my hens in a shed that is right behind our garage.Gets some shade from a tree next to it in the summer,and close enough to make winter care easy.

In the summer I plan to build a second coop in the far back yard with some shade and sun.Windows facing south so they get the sun all day. I had issues with flies in the summer,so I always took the hens to the far back.Would be nice to have a coop there.
Access to the house is important! My coop isn't too far away but in the winter, I still wish it was closer. A windbreaker is also nice to keep the coop warm, but having a coop in the trees can lead to predator problems. And one of the most important thing for my ladies is sunshine! Chickens love a dry sunny spot. As you can probably tell, there isn't one "good" spot for a coop. It all depends on what you want and can accomadate! Happy chicken keeping! You will love it!
My coop is only about 15 steps outside the back porch door, under the branches of a mango tree. I have 8 egg laying hens, and I never smell it, so It's not too close! I chose a place where I wanted the coop, the door facing a certain direction, and then thought about where I would eventually attach the run. I selected a spot where the run would be half woodsy (in S. Florida, it's lady palm woodsy!) and half sunny. So they get the best of both, shady in the heat, plenty of room to sunbathe, and it's all attached to the coop, with pop door between. For me, it's the ideal setup. You'll have to visualize where you want it, maybe even drawing a picture of where the coop and run will be, in relation to your house. You don't want to go too far to care for them, either, lest you forget, they being too far away! Have fun planning!

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