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Here are 2 of my kiddos with 2 of my meaties. They are aroud 7.5 weeks. Rachel just said 'I love you' to the one she was holding before I took the picture. I hope she loves how he tastes too

Well I think its a cute pic! Your birds are obviously gentle and look healthy. And there's nothing wrong with giving your meaties a cuddle now and then!
They deserve love too!
That is a great pic

All the chickens we eat are loved on and treated like pets every single day until they go on to serve a greater purpose. They even all get names. I think it is great that you teach your kids to treat their food animals with love and care. All meat birds should be treated like this IMO ....Makes for better tasting meat
A happy bird is healthy meat
How do you deal with the loss with the kids? I imagine the first time a child realizes they are killing the one they "love" for dinner it's a harsh reality... Am I right, or is that my encultured prejudice showing?

And yeah, that is a great picture
Cute photo! I grew up like I assume your kids are - I often knew the name of the steak or ham or drumstick I was eating. It was explained to us kids very early that the purpose of the calves and pigs and chickens we were petting was to someday become our food. Any short-lived sadness I may have felt when my pets were no longer around to play with was soon replaced with other animals, and the cycle continued. I knew that they had good, happy lives with my family - much better than corporation-produced meat animals.
You know what, this is our first time with chickens and I am imagining butchering day to be a bit of a gong show. We are pretty 'matter of fact' people...not harsh but at the same time we won't lie to them, you know? I like them to know that we are doing what we can to be self sufficient...that w are using our land in ways that can help feed our family. I don't know, I think that they are seeming to grasp the importance of that. Now if I could only get my veggie garden to thrive!
Recently learned about meat from reading Righteous Porkchop, a book about the factory-meat industry. So we shopped around and found healthy meat raised sustainably, bought Niman Ranch BBQ ribs (at Trader Joe's). Our 9-year old stated, "this is truly a happy meal. This was a happy little piggy and I am a happy little boy"

You deserve honors for all the work you do to raise your family healthy and with respect for life! Your chickens, and your children, look healthy and wholesome! That picture could make a nice poster. Ever think of publishing it? I wonder if it could be sold through BYC Forum?
That is a beautiful picture

I would reconsider the honesty with that sweet little girl. I would be afraid that thought would haunt her innocent mind.
No real need to know EVERYTHING. i feel so bad for her
When i was a kid, my dad had a cow named bessie. One day Bessie was gone and he would tell us the burgers we were eating were bessie. I thought it was a joke and kept on eating.
If i had to really know that my dad that i worshipped was capable of killing my buddy bessie, it would have changed the entire world for me. I am so grateful for not knowing this back then.

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