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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Egg Rookie 2010, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Egg Rookie 2010

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    Jun 21, 2010
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    Ok so the babies arrived on Thursday mid morning. Everyone seems fine. But I know SOMEONE has poop that isnt right...watery and brownish. The rest are kinda white and greenish clumpy and that seems normal. I cant tell who has the problem. Is there anything I can give them as a group the will benefit the problem child and not be a detriment to the rest? They are eating medicated food, taking in lots of water and were on towels over pine until last night when I removed it so they are just on pine. (which they seem thrilled about and scratching away like mad.) Any suggestions?

  2. nivtup

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    Apr 24, 2008
    Shelton Washington
    There is a whole range of poop that is normal.

    I would watch to make sure all are eating and drinking. Beyond that, I would think it will clear up.
  3. Happy Chooks

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  4. acid_chipmunk

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    Mar 29, 2010
    Also, every 10th or so poop from each chick will look like that, so it is probably not one chick that is doing it, it is all of them combined.

  5. RioLindoAz

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    Giving them milk for a day will solve this problem. Make sure you're not giving them too many greens or fruit.
  6. chicks4kids

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    Apr 22, 2009
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    This sounds completely normal to me. Especially with the stress involved with travel. Just give them some vitamins and they'll be good. acid_chipmunk is correct in the every 10th poo factor. It sounds normal to me, just keep an eye out for pasty butt which is common in newborn chicks.
  7. Egg Rookie 2010

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    Jun 21, 2010
    North Idaho
    Yes the pasty butt thing....I had 6 the first day (Thursday) I had to clean, 4 on Friday and Saturday and 2 today. I have not seen an abundance of the weird poop thing...just enough to worry me. They are all acting normal. Thanks for your input.

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