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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Buster, Jul 4, 2008.

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    A friend of mine that I met on BYC is bringing me some Buff Orpingtons next week. They happen to be a favorite of my four year old son. When we were ordering chicks from Ideal, I had room for two more on the order and let him pick. He was looking at pics of the birds and said "I want the yellow chickens!" So we ordered him two BO's. He is very helpful with the chickens. He lets them out in the mornings, checks for eggs, checks food and water and helps replenish both. He is alert to what goes on out there and can even go out and pet my huge 22 week old Black Orp cockerel. (Which I can't even do.)

    So our friend is bringing us a BO rooster, 3 hens and a pullet. We sat my 4 year old down and told him that these will be HIS chickens. He will feed and water them and check for eggs (with our help and supervision of course.) We will be putting any money he gets from these birds into an account just for him, and if it goes well enough, we will teach him to budget those funds to help feed and care for these birds in a few years when he is old enough and ready to do it. He is so excited and thrilled for this! I wish I could show you the look on his face when we talk about it.
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    Wow - that's great! I wish him luck with his project. He sounds like a very mature, responsible little man for 4!
  3. Buster

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    He really is, and that's just not a proud parent talking. Here is a pic of him from last year when he was three:

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    [​IMG] Great idea! We have a 6 year old son and he LOVES "his" birds! He is faithful about helping with everything chicken, and can often be found down at the coop talking to them, picking tall grass for them and even bringing them bugs and worms for treats. I think it's excellent for children to experience raising animals of any kind, but ones that can be turned into "projects" are even more beneficial (and FUN)! The best lessons they can learn are not those taught in school, but are taught by parents who care and are interested enough in setting the right example. Good luck, and God bless...
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    That's neat. My kids always enjoyed the chickens when they were little.
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    chickens/livestock are such a great project for any aged child. two of my kids have a project of sorts here. i'm sure my 2 yr. old will be the kid for the chickens. my son(9) is working on pekin ducks and turkeys plus he has two goats and a couple rabbits. your son will be in the chicken business by the time he's six. what fun for him and for you too. it's so great to see their faces when they get excited about something.
  7. LilRalphieRoosmama

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    So cute!! And love the little Carhart overalls!
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    Our 4 year old faithfully checks the chicks several times a day and makes sure they have food and water, and helps fill feeder and he faithfully checks the bators too and reminds mommy to turn the eggs [​IMG] Our 7 year old helped me with all our chicken research before we got chicks, and also faithfully checks the chicks and helps feed and water them and the older 3 are responsible for checking feeder and waterer and making sure they are clean and full. We also have a neighbor's granddaughter who we have known since she was born who faithfully comes over to check on everyone, she even helps clean the brooder. She was so excited when we told her that she could pick an egg to raise as her own (kept here with our flock of course as grandma grew up on a farm and can't stand the thought of chickens in her yard lol)

    I think as long as little one's are supervised and assisted this is a great project for them [​IMG] Best of luck to your 4 y/o
  9. Buster

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    Quote:Yeah we supervise them while they are out there with the birds. I have a rooster I can't trust around my kids and he is locked away with his girls where my kids can't get at them. I have a faverolles rooster right now that wouldn't even fight for his food. He is the one that gets to roam the yard and be around my kids.
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    I started doing the same with my son when he was about that age, now hes 12 he gets half of the profits after expenses since he does half the work. Teaches him the value of a dollar..........

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