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Mar 29, 2011
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I am planting some russet potatoes in my garden boxes and I was wondering how far to space each plant. We already started some of the potatoes in little bins outside but they are getting too crowded and we are moving them to the garden boxes. But I cant seem to find an answer online. And when in doubt, BYC is always there to help!
I believe the recommened spacing for potatoes is 24 inches between plants, as potatoes need a lot of room to stretch out and grow underground. However, I usually plant mine closer to 12 or 18 inches apart and they do fine. Good luck.
You'll like your rows wider than 24" for most plants. You'll want to walk down the rows picking, weeding, etc. 30-32 inches makes life simple if you are doing conventional rows. This allows room to run a narrow roto tiller down between the rows a couple times for cultivation as well.

Cucumbers will take up 3 "rows" worth in width, as will winter squash, etc, so plan on lots of room for vines. I'd put 3 or 4 seeds in a place, called a "hill", (although it isn't really hilled up). Take 2 good paces or 5 feet to the next "hill", and so forth. That'll work fine for cucumbers.

Here's one of my gardens last year about this time, maybe mid June.


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