A question regarding killing your birds...


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I have what might be roos that will need to be put in the freezer if the case is that they are indeed roos.

I have a question about killing them. I have seen the axe method, the pithing method, and a machete method mentioned. But does anyone shoot their birds? Now I realise they have tiny little heads, but that's not a problem for me. Is there a reason apart from the size of the bird that this isn't done? I mean partridge and wild turkey are...would it be different?


I'm sorry, but the mental image is making me have to pee.... ! Picture it... A man in full camo, rifle slung over his arm, waiting on the chickens to emerge from the coop. A crisp September morn, fog rising off the fields, the sun barely over the horizon..."Here he comes...man, he's a slunger!!" The video to be titled, "Monster Cockerels"...

You could, of course, with some measure of difficulty. I guess you could place a gun to their heads if you are using a regular bullet. I wouldn't use shot or you can kiss your meat goodbye. Just seems like a waste of good ammo when chickens die so easily without the use of excessive force.

But, hey, each to his own and you could start a new trend!

I am sure there is at least a few people on here who have already done this and they may give you some insight into their experience with this.
dh "tryed" the gun method and no roo in freezer!
he spent 3 hours trying to catch him only to find a little hole in his wing!
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Ahem, I suppose it is a bit over kill, huh??

Wouldn't I look pretty dressed up like Rambo?

ROFL. Now I have the giggles, thinking about your description. It is a bit overkill, eh?
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Actually, if it were feasible, in regards to meat recovery, my boys would have already done it! They begged me to let them shoot the chickens instead of the regular method....

The boys are usually bowhunters and have many kills to their credit, but they hunt turkey with a gun, so, naturally, they thought....hmmm...why not!
Best way so far is two nails, neck-width apart on a stump, and a very sharp hatchet.

And a man to do it... I just can't.
That may work at your house....
After the first time, my boys whined like crazy! I just don't want to, mom <insert whine here> ...but they couldn't explain why..they just didn't want to. So...here's old mama wringing chicken necks and shaking her head!
Probably because a knife is free for use and a bullet costs from a dime to a dollar to use and you'll have to clean the gun which you'd not be using to gut the bird.

I used a knife for the birds and even the 40 lb turkeys and cut their heads off. Think you shoot wild game just because you simply can't walk up to them and take them out back.

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