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    Jan 26, 2007
    I quit with chickens earlier this year but through a string of events I up until last week had 5 fancies 1 Frizzed Cochin and 4 polish Juveniles. All have been happy healthy and growing great. Earlier last week I found two in hen house dead, one had an injury on neck and the other had had its insides eaten out. Saturday morning i found another in hen house with insides missing and my Cochin was missing feathers. The pen is very secure, other than snakes i have had no problems with predators until now. I was unable to check them this morning, but saw nothing in pen when I left for work. I'm guessing the other 2 are dead also, i have no idea what this was other than a large rat that has come out of the swamp since all the flooding but I am not sure. I would really like to trap it before i burn the pens and coops down...I'm done.
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    Apr 11, 2011
    It could be rats. Or a mink or weasel (ruthless killers that squeeze through the tiniest holes and return until they've decimated your entire flock). I hope its a rat, as mink and weasel are super sneaky and very difficult to get rid of. Bait your trap with a piece of chicken and see what you get (I like to use liver). Best of luck!

    Sorry for your loss :hugs
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    Jan 26, 2007
    Well the Rat got my last two birds. I don't really get to attached to my birds but for some reason I got attached, I guess because they were my oddball bunch and so friendly. Anyway I am and was angry, left the carcass in hen house in hopes attracting the rat back, also left a large package of rat poison in there...I hope he eats until he explodes. This weekend if weather is good I will be burning the coops and houses, trying to take down all that wire would be a nightmare. I'm done with chickens for awhile, maybe in the future when I can afford one of those high dollar fancy pens, I will get one and get a couple of fancies, near my pattio...kind of a chicken aviary. Enjoy your birds PEACE OUT.

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    Hey G-

    We hope to see you around again sooner rather than later. Take care in the meantime.

    -Another one of us who thought I was done
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    Void where prohibited.
    Sir, I don't know you, but this saddens me.
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    Northern Ny
    I do understand you're frustration, I'm starting again with babies and i've been trying to think as those predators do and cover all the bases. It is a task for sure, If i fail fast i will most likely call it a day too, I

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    Jan 26, 2007
    Thanx everyone...I got my start here when I won some eggs in some sort of a BYC contest..they were Phoenix and Buff O's. My first hatch, Someday I will pick it up again...with a fresh start.
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    Mar 31, 2014
    Call me ruthless, but I used a what I call dead bait. I don't see much of the predators hanging around my flock of birds in large pens anymore. They would love to eat potted meat I buy from the dollar store and mixed with my formula. I only have my chickens and me, no kids, no cats nor dogs in my area. That's why I feel confident on what I do.
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    Feb 8, 2015
    Would you describe dead bait please. Share with us.
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    Oct 25, 2012
    This sounds exactly what happened on our property last year! I doubled the chicken wire including 2 foot apron on ground..both sides of fence and pens.
    I already use flight netting because of owls and hawks.

    I had traps set everywhere, went to motion detecting and dogs. IT was fearless!

    Finally started securing chickens in their individual houses every night which are on pallets. It was a pain but I haven't had a death since.

    I have enormous rats here from the orchards and blackberries but they are after feed and I trap them with # 2 gopher traps. These also do well on skunks and possums.

    Everyone I talked with says something from the weasel family was the culprit.

    Good luck!!

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