A remark that deflates me like a popped balloon


10 Years
Apr 28, 2009
My boyfriend paid the shelter adoption fee for a baby Rottweiler for me

I posted all about it on my Facebook...instead I got inundated with "Don't you have enough animals?"

The shelter came for a home inspection and complimented us on how beautiful, healthy, and friendly my dogs and birds were. We spend money we sometimes don't even immediately have to make sure these babies have everything they need health-wise. They radiate with health and I am comfortable having them around even total strangers because they are sweet and social. All 5 of the dogs will be shelter/rescues...whether from an unplanned litter or survivors of severe abuse and abandonment.

I have gotten irritated by that remark for years...I shouldn't let it get to me...but I don't go around telling people with a lot of kids "Oh, gee, don't you think you have enough kids?" or anything like that. It just got my panties in a bunch.

Does anyone have people criticizing them over their animals?
If I had five dollars for every time I've been asked "Are you done yet?"... (we have 7 children)
Why I'd be RICH...

Well, I am rich with kids.

I always just answer back... "Wul, I don 't know, we just go from month to month".
My Dad was always making not-so-nice remarks to me about my love of animals and how many I have.
Finally, he made the remark to the wrong person, my new DH.
DH told him flat out that they are my animals, I pay for their upkeep and I'm the one taking care of them and we have plenty of land so I can have any animals I want.
My Dad hasn't said a word since.
ALL THE TIME! I had 10 dogs at one point. Yes, all in the house and most people had very rude comments. I keep a very clean house (neat freak) and I had poodles and schnauzers. No shedding and all my dogs are always clean and well groomed.

I still get PO'ed when people make comments about my animals but the older I get, the less I care anymore.

Soon I'll be looking for a very large guard dog to patrol my land and that should keep the rest of these naysayers at bay!

I feel sorry for people who don't share their life with these wonderful creatures!
I am 49 and my Mom tells me "You need another animal like you need a hole in your head". I guess I need a hole in my head.....

And another thing, if one more person asks me when I'm going to eat one of my chickens, turkeys......POW, right in the kisser.
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You know, there are animals in this world that need people like you to bail them out. I have 2 rescued pit bulls and 2 unwanted cats. I truly feel that each of them would be in terrible situations, if not dead, had I not taken them in.

Some people just don't get it. We do!
Ill admit. I have said it about my friends but they brought in 3 dogs that pee and poo all over their house....and never clean the pee

I hate when my boyfriends mother makes remarks about my chickens. Just cause you dont like animal dont bash mine!

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