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    Jul 1, 2010
    last weekend my daughter in law rescued one of our barn pigeons from a bird of prey. It has some slight damage to one wing, and part of the middle section of the other wing missing. With treatment the wounds are healing well now and the bird, which we have kept inside, is eating and drinking and running around. I think it has a good chance of survival now, but it can probably never fly and will need to be kept in an aviary. My question is, how do I feed it. Currently it is eating fat balls with wild bird seed in but I am not sure this is a suitable long term diet? I am wondering what, other than the wild bird seed we put out for the birds, a pigeon would normallyeat?
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    For a feral any kind of seed mix will do (its probably more than he was eating in the wild). Maybe add a bag of lentils (found in the dry bean section at the grocery). If you tie or tape his wings together in the normal folded position in a few weeks you would be surprised how well he will heal. If you leave them untied they might heal droopy. I did this once and the feral flew back to his home after he healed. Ferals tend to carry worms and things that you dont want to expose to other domestic birds. I wouldnt keep him with other pigeons, doves, chickens etc. unless you dose him up.

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