A sad happy day


9 Years
Jul 29, 2010
I knew it had to come. But I'm really not ready. My two little roosters are going to a new home today. I hate to have to do it, but I can't keep them here in town. They will be living on a farm not too far away. It's good that they will have a chance at life and not be someone's dinner. I will miss Angel (lovingly called Gigantor) and his giant clumsy feet. Reptar is so handsome and such a silly fraidy cat.
I just hope for a good life for them. And my poor Penny will be lost without them. The three have been together since they were one week old.

Anyway, just needed to share with folks who might understand.
I would be sad too. That is normal when you have to part with a beloved pet. It is good though that they will go to a farm. What a great life they will have. Do you know the people well on the farm? Maybe you could go visit with them sometimes since it is not too far away.
I don't know the folks who took the roosters, they were being delivered by a friend of my sister. They will be living on a farm where they do horse rescue and they raise ducks and chickens and sell the eggs. The chickens are all in safe enclosures and properly cared for.

I feel good knowing they will be loved. The friend delivering them also did research about the roosters and was surprised that I was willing to give away a Black Copper Marans roo. Sometimes I wish we had not built our house in town.......

She will give me updates on how they are doing because she goes there once a week to help out.
I just rehomed a rooster two weeks ago because I got a different one to breed with my girls. I had him since before he could crow and was just a little attached. I still miss him but I honestly don't think my girls even missed a beat! I let Humphrey(the new roo) in with them and they flocked right to him like he had been there forever! Traitors!!! It's amazing how attached you become to the little critters!
I know exactly how you feel!

The little guy in my avatar pic is Soot. He had to go to a farm outside of the city we live in. The lady who took him was real nice, though she obviously thought i was weird because I was close to tears giving him away.

She sent me a picture a couple of weeks later with my brave and noble almost-rooster herding around a group of 1 week old chicks she had. Yay it warmed my heart.
I'm glad at least you found them a good home where they won't be dinner! I'm sure you'll miss them. Roosters are such fun guys, it's a shame you can't keep them.

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