A Sorry Sight


12 Years
Feb 3, 2007
is what greeted me as I drove in my laneway today. Poor thing. Although I hate coyotes and set off to shoot this guy shortly after, it was sad to see him suffer so much from sarcoptic mange. It is going to be a hard winter for them if mange has taken hold.....someone found one curled up in their barn down the way.
Unfortunately, although he waited around while I videotaped him, he vanished into thin air when the gun was brought out. The rabbit call was unproductive and the distressed coyote pup call brought out the neighbour's cat. He'll be back soon enough. He was sighted 3 times in the past 3 days. I just hope my dog doesn't tangle with him. I think I will be bringing home some Revolution from work tomorrow just to be safe.
Aww... That's so sad, no matter what type of animal it is. Hope you see him again and are able to "help" him along. We had to take care of a raccoon because of disease, it made me sad, but I was also glad we could help him to not suffer anymore.
He could hardly take more than a few steps without stopping to itch. Of course I have been reading all about coyotes with mange since then (how did we ever manage without the internet?) and it seems that the ones with mange are less fearful of humans. This was definitely the case here as you can see, I was quite close in my car but he didn't seem to mind. Too preoccupied with his itchiness. I found it interesting to note that our dogs can become infected not only by close contact with the infected animal, but also if they come in contact with the bedding from the den or areas where the coyote marks.
I'm pretty sure that's true, because both me and my grandpa have both had dogs come down with mange and we know that our dogs weren't loose around any other dogs. Perhaps another dog-animal with mange had maked near our fencelines or something like that.
That is so so sad, I sure hope you can put it out of its misery......will animal control come? out where I am it takes them a week, poor thing......

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