A story - How We Got Backyard Chickens ... and how my 30 year old son and 70 years young mother buil


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Nov 25, 2012
Really enjoyed the blog! Can't wait to hear about Part 3. :)

"It is only a chicken coop" has come out of my mouth to my DH during the building of our coop. I can totally relate!
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Love it! Can't wait for part 3!

I have been telling my rocket scientist DH (who is a wee bit OCD) that he should make the phrase "It's just a chicken coop" his mantra for the next month while we work on building our coop and run.

I have haunted BYC for months, looking at every coop picture and reading all the threads, especially those related to how to build a coop on a shoestring. I had in mind we'd build it with a lot of found materials and Habitat ReStore bargains but NO...the man knows nothing but going to Lowe's to purchase all his supplies. Brand new everything.

We've already spent over $200 and that's just for the legs, base and floor joists...we haven't even laid in the floor or built the walls. He is building this coop like it's for us to live in, not our chickens. In fact, because we are in the process of fixing up our 100 year old farmhouse, it probably WILL be better than our house since all extra funds are going into the coop now instead of refurbs on the house.

I'm taking pictures along the way so I can post them later (if we don't manage to kill each other first).
Yes, I have an OCD husband (Electrical Engineer) and that is why our coop got built while he was at work. :D
It is amazing how fast the money goes toward this "simple" project, right? Definitely take pictures of the process. I'm so glad I did and NOW they are so fun to look at! Good luck and thanks for your comment.
I love the picture of the fella standing there with a coffee mug in his hand and an expectant look on his face.

What? Chickens live in a coop? I'm supposed to build it? With what?
How We Got Backyard Chickens - Chapter 3 of how my son and 70 year old mother get a coop to come together
I've been posting chapters in a story of how we got backyard chickens and the process leading up to it. This is chapter 3:


If you haven't read the beginning, here you go:

Chapter 1-

Chapter 2-

I hope you like it! :) We sure had a blast.

A little story - How we built a coop (No plans included)
This post won't help teach you how to build a coop, but I've been posting little stories on my food blog of how we managed to get a coop built and now have 3 Buff Orpington beauties. Purely for your enjoyment (I hope)

Chapter 3 just published (Some of you have already read chapters 1 and 2)

Chapter 2

Chapter 1

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