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    We adopted some mixes from our neighbors, 2 are austrolorpe/RIR mixes, and are deffiantly hens, but one, a barred-rock/RIR mix, has turned out to be a rooster. We already have one rooster, a golden coment, and our mix has recently started crowing and attempting to make little chickens, our GC is sure to be the top roo, as he is much older and much much larger. We don't want the mix to have chicks with his half sisters, but we do want the GC to have chicks with them, any ideas on how to make this possible?
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    It takes around14 days (depending who you talk to) for you to be sure who's eggs thy will be if you seperated the one you don't want for a while it would work. After day 14 collect eggs and continue to collect until you have as many as you want. Eggs can be kept (out of the refrigerator) for about 7 days before you get lower hatch rates.

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