A tribute to all my beautiful roos past and present


9 Years
Mar 24, 2010
Hollis, New Hampshire
i've lost several birds this year and i just wanted to do a tribute to all my beautiful roosters i've had in the six years since i started raising chickens.
Those deceased. Rest in peace, boys:
Goldenshine, Cochin mix, died May 25, 2011 of Chronic Respritory Disease

Spice, Spangled OEGB, died May 22, 2011 of bad infection in leg

Dove, Red Pyle OEGB, killed May 13, 2011 by a dog, broken neck

Cloverleaf, Mottled Cochin, killed May 13, 2011 by a dog, mauled beyond saving (right of pic)

The ones i've given away:
Teeny, Cochin Mix, Living as a family pet in NH (left of pic)

Tonto, Cochin Mix, went with his brother Teeny (black chick on left of pic)

Ivory, Silkie Mix, found new home at chicken swap. (white chick at far right of pic)

Bree, WCB Polish, now living in RI with 16 RIR hens

All the lovely roos i have now:
Mallard, Black Cochin

Chive, Cochin mix

Brook, Lavender Dutch

Arizona, Mix breed (B. Rosecomb, Silkie, Cochin, Cornish, etc.) and his sister Pheonix (black silkie X)

Raven, Black Silkie

Darkflight, Silkie X (and his sister, Sapphire)

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