Aah Haa! They were hiding them!

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  1. calicokat

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    This was the 4th day of no eggs from my hens - unusual to say the very least! Especially since 5 days ago I cleaned out their nest boxes and put in some fluffy new straw (some of the girls keep sneaking into the nest boxes to roost despite my efforts to make them stop, LOL).

    Today as I was putzing around in the coop, I noticed a plie of eggs -- off to the side of the nest boxes, squeezed in between the wooden frame and the first nest box -- a small space that is filled with straw. Well today it was filled with straw and 6 frozed, cracked eggs and 3 eggs not cracked yet. YEp, 4 days of eggs, just like I should have had.

    The spot is in the lower right of this old pix, between the plastic nest box and the wood lattice of the frame.

    Only thing I can see is, I might have put a bit too much straw in, so I'll pull some out and see if they'll go back where they belong (I'll also make that crevice they're using a little harder to get to!)

    Silly girls!
  2. WriterofWords

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    LOL they do pull good ones on us don't they?
  3. Sir Birdaholic

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    Sneaky little buggars aren't they![​IMG]
  4. fldiver97

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    Sneaky chickens!!!! [​IMG] I had one find an 'alternate spot' recently. But she is back to the nestbox know.

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